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Spikey Sorts out Greater Manchester’s Recycling

October 4, 2010

Local comedian Dave Spikey will soon appear in homes across Greater Manchester as part of a campaign that aims to boost recycling. 

Recycle for Greater Manchester, a partnership between the Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority (GMWDA) and Viridor Laing (Greater Manchester) Limited (VLGM), will launch the campaign at the opening of the new, state of the art Materials Recovery Facility in October.

Dave Spikey will spearhead the campaign, which hopes to make residents aware of how they can boost their recycling by putting the right items into their recycling containers. As a keen recycler, Spikey hopes to encourage residents to ‘recycle right’ which means leaving items such as plastic bags, plastic yoghurt pots and plastic food trays out of their mixed recycling bin.

Confusion can exist because people believe that they are recycling the right things because they say “recyclable” on the packet However, this doesn’t mean that there are the facilities to recycle them here in Greater Manchester and so it is important to only put items in the recycling bin that can be recycled here.

Dave Spikey says; “It’s a tiny bit like the sign on the A6 near me that says ‘New Road Layout, Use Both Lanes’, which when I do really annoys the other drivers; so that can’t be right. I also recently tried to assemble a plastic table and the instructions said ‘Insert legs up bottom’ but that’s another story for another day. Similarly, the cook-in-the-bag rice that advised me to ‘Stand in boiling water for ten minutes’; I gave up after 12 seconds. So what I’m saying is this, just because it says ‘recyclable’, don’t take it literally because it’s not necessarily always the case here in Greater Manchester. “

As part of the campaign, Greater Manchester residents will receive an information pack featuring Dave Spikey, through their door. This will tell them some of the common things that are often mistakenly put into the recycling bin. They will also receive a sticker which can be put onto their bin, reminding them what can go inside it. The information pack will also be supported by material on the Recycle for Greater Manchester website


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